Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Newsflash: President doesn't kill members of other races 

Powerline reports: "This is U2's Bono on Meet the Press yesterday:
Well, I think [President Bush has] done an incredible job, his administration, on AIDS. And 250,000 Africans are on antiviral drugs. They literally owe their lives to America. In one year that's being done... Yes, there's a lot of pressure on President Bush. If he, though, in his second term, is as bold in his commitments to Africa as he was in the first term, he indeed deserves a place in history in turning the fate of that continent around.
250,000 alive Africans doesn't sound as sexy as the supposed 100,000 dead Iraqis, so I don't think the meme will catch on.

And while on the general topic, people continue to be unimpressed by "rockonomics" of Live 8.


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