Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Rove hypnotizes Kos 

The new headmaster of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Karl Rove, is having a strange - some would say magical - effect on liberals. This from Kos:
Democrats must ride that wave [of growing anti-war sentiment] into 2006, and can do so in ways where they don't sound like hippy retreads.
Would that be the hippy retreads who want to prepare indictments or the hippy retreads who want to offer therapy and understanding? Either way, the new and improved Kos offers the new patriotically-enhanced Democrats "two ways to talk about the war that don't betray weakness" (God forbid - weakness is fine, betrayal is not):
Promoting a withdrawal - We have a lot to be proud of over the past three years. We have freed the Iraqi people from a brutal dictator and given them their first taste of freedom. Iraq held successful presidential elections earlier this year, and the nation is now run by a democratic-elected government.

We have accomplished what we set out to do -- bring freedom to Iraq and rid the region of the specter of Saddam's terror.

But now it is time to let the Iraqis take charge of their own lives. The future belongs to a free democratic Iraq, but it is a future they must fight for themselves.
And isn't it nice to hear Kos say all these lovely things? Particularly, after cautioning us last month, "in case anyone is buying the administration's line that we went to war in Iraq over 'freedom' or 'democracy'." Wasn't it all "about needing shiny new barracks in a Middle East nation with a friendly and compliant puppet regime" anyway? Beats me.

And in case you don't like the "mission accomplished" argument:
Afraid to call for withdrawal? Hammer on "accountability" - We are facing a crisis in Iraq, and yet no one is being held accountable. Our troops don't have enough men, equipment, or armor to effectively and safely do their job, yet those responsible for these deadly miscalculations remain at their jobs. They claim, as they always have, that Iraq is about to turn yet another corner, pass yet another milestone on the road to peace and prosperity. But the reality on the ground mocks those assertions.

We must have accountability in order to win this war. Those responsible for so many catastrophic mistakes must replaced by more competent, more effective, people.
Either argument sounds nifty, but I'll be eagerly waiting for the new Roved-up Dems to use both: The reality on the ground mocks the assertions that Iraq is on its way to peace and prosperity, but we have accomplished our mission of bringing freedom to Iraq, and now Iraqis they must take care of themselves. Or: We must have accountability to win this war, and we're going to win it by withdrawing from Iraq. Those responsible for so many catastrophic mistakes must be replaced by more competent, more effective, people. After all, we don't want to botch the cut and run.

Who said that politics is a cynical game?


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