Saturday, June 04, 2005

Saturday reading 

At the start, a plug for a few new(er) blogs:

Anubis - "Reflections of life, politics, media bias and the Islamic threat - Because I have far more to complain about than Europe's slide into Islamism" - self-explanatory.

Michael Yon - a freelance journalist blogging and photo-blogging out of Iraq - and doing better job that the mainstream media. Can't somebody get him to report for their newspaper?

John Hawkins of Right Wing News has a new baby - Conservative Grapevine: a link-fest to what some better as well as lesser known right-of-center blogs are saying about topics of the day.

And Patrick Ruffini launches his 2008 election wire, which links to news stories and blog posts about the 22 main contenders for Republican and Democrat nominations.

And now, onto the reading:

At Labour Friends of Iraq a great transcript to Chris Hitchens, William Shawcross and Germaine Greer debating Iraq.

Pundit Guy on Deep Throat: "follow the money".

Secular Blasphemy uncovers the bizarre case of Aryan sex dolls.

The Polish Immigrant has some thoughts on wine, Italy and the French vote.

Transatlantic Intelligencer visits the parallel universe: European media on the Koran desecration story.

Don Surber gets even with Garry Trudeau - very good.

Eric's Grumbles compares bloggers to pamphleteers of the olden days.

Decision 08 this time offers a group award for its Jackass of the Week.

The Word Unheard writes that sometimes "the New York Times can be a virtual treasure trove of data for those who would kill us."

Regime Change Iran notes that the recent soccer victory over North Korea resulted in public unrest, and that majority of Iranians are planning to boycott the presidential poll.

The Political Teen notes that Linda Foley is at it again.

Logical Meme sings the praise of Queen Rania of Jordan - the Islamo-babe.

The Conservative Intelligencia despairs at Wesley Clark's new foray into politics - at his sister's graduation ceremony.

And for something totally different - here's a petition for the release of the world's longest-held prisoners of war.


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