Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Sickening idiots of the day 

A radical Midwestern hate group plans to protest at the funerals of two local soldiers killed in action, claiming the slain heroes "were cast into hell to join many more dishonorable Americans."

The Westboro Baptist Church, proclaiming "thank God for IEDs" or roadside bombs, claims the 9/11 attacks and American deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan are God's vengeance on a nation that is tolerant of homosexuality.
The Westboro Baptist Church is hardly a stranger to controversy, most recently rejoicing that the Asian tsunami killed Scandinavian homosexual sex tourists.

All things considered, the three or however few members the "church" has probably deserve a punch on the head from American servicemen - better still gay servicemen - but our soldiers are better than that. Plus, getting exposed through your own words in the court of public opinion as a complete moron is a punishment enough.

And so the last word goes to John Maloney, the father of slain Marine Capt. John Maloney, whose funeral the Westboro nutcases chose to protest:
"He fought and died for their right to do what they do... I may not agree with what they do. This is still the United States of America, isn't it?... I'll pray for them."


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