Sunday, June 19, 2005

Sunday reading 

It's Blackfive's second blogiversary - congratulations!

On the topic, Greyhawk writes that milbloggers can't be ignored.

Dean blogs about Politically Incorrect explanations and racial realities (not stereotypes).

Iraq the Model reports on some promising signs in Mosul.

The Downing Street Memo: perspectives from All Things Conservative and Right Wing News.

Publius Pundit talks to a "monitor" at an illegal Iranian polling station in Tucson, Arizona. Interesting stuff.

The new Carnival of Revolutions is up at Gateway Pundit.

Secular Blasphemy translates a letter from a Swedish high school teacher, who discovered that young Arab students were having fun watching a DVD with hostages being beheaded.

Decision 08 has the Jackass of the Week - and it's not Senator Durbin.

Speaking of Sen Durbin, the Blue State Conservatives read the Senator's "apology" and are even more sickened.

Plus - at Polipundit: Senator Durbin, you can't handle the truth.

The world is coming to an end. Crossroads Arabia points to two recent pieces in Saudi papers: one reporting good news from Iraq, the other thanking America.

Right Wing News compiles the most embarrassing recent media quotes.

Americans for Freedom blogs from a Hillary function in NYC.

Between Worlds: "UN Groupies to US Congress: Don't Review Their Performance!"


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