Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Tuesday links 

Plenty of good reading out there:

Democracy Project observes the return of the 9/11 Commission -– fast becoming a permanent political tribunal.

At Kosmoblog: Europe must choose between being a small and cohesive political entity or a larger common market.

Lorie at Polipundit asks if Tom Harkin has a direct line to God.

At NRO, Jim Robbins discusses the now infamous 2002 Downing Street memo and notes that as an Iraq war smoking gun, it's of a pretty localiberre. At Quillnews, former oil industry lobbyist Thomas Collins, weighs in on the controversy.

Davids Medienkritik notes another new low for Germany'’s public television -– a movie which alleges that the Bush family was involved in 9/11 attacks.

Black conservative blog Booker Rising has interesting discussion about debt relief for Africa and Bob Geldof's latest campaign. Can be read in conjunction with Powerline'’s latest as well as Captain Ed's liveblogging of a blogger news conference with Geldof.

Don't miss the latest Carnival of Revolutions at Publius Pundit.

John Hawkins interviews an ex-Marine and a syndicated columnist Jack Kelly: "Iraq has proven to be a quagmire, as the people on the left have asserted, but it'’s a quagmire for Al Qaeda, not for the United States."

Chester discusses the differences between the Ho Chi Minh'’s Trail and the Euphrates Lines of Communication (will the MSM ever stop running those Vietnam parallels?)

The New Editor discusses R J Rummel and the Red Plague.

Stop the ACLU has a petition calling on the Congress to investigate the Union'’s document shredding.

And at Riding Sun - a nice photo essay about our troops in Iraq.


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