Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Aliens are coming to steal your oil 

Some people say that conservatives are obsessed about finding analogies and subtexts in mass entertainment products - but we really don't need to make this stuff up.

The latest one is David Koepp, the screenwriter for "The War of the Worlds", who says that "the Martians in our movie represent American military forces invading the Iraqis, and the futility of the occupation of a faraway land is again the subtext."

(via Mickey Kaus and Instapundit).

This is all getting rather confusing, since if the Martians represent the American military, then the American military in the movie represents the Iraqi insurgents. Also, ominously for the future, Wells's Martians are ultimately defeated using biological agents, which Iraq supposedly doesn't have.

I recall some pre-release debate that the international audiences would really buy into aliens killing lots of Americans, making "The War of the Worlds" an international hit. If only they'd released "Independence Day" in the new millennium.


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