Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The axis of common sense 

It seems that the whole "axis of evil" thing is resonating well beyond the American neo-con circles (hat tip: Dan Foty):
"There is no doubt that if the real intention of the Iranian authorities is to reach capability to attain nuclear weapons [then] it would be greatest threat to peace not only in this part of the world... but theoretically it can be the greatest threat to world peace...

"With all due respect to the UN, there are too many examples of ineffective action by the UN to trust sending the Iranian case to the security council... We should not overestimate this procedure."
And that's how left-wing politicians talk in Poland. This is Wladyslaw Cimoszewicz, and even if "The Jerusalem Post" must be reading tea leaves instead of opinion polls when it says that Cimoszewicz is likely to win the coming presidential election, it is still encouraging to know that in some countries good sense is a bi-partisan matter.

By the way, Cimoszewicz has just revealed (link in Polish) that while a student in the United States in the 1980s, he was approached by the CIA with a view to recruit him as an agent. He said no, but the spooks obviously didn't need to have bothered.


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