Friday, July 29, 2005

Blair versus Blair 

Two perspectives on fighting the "war on terror" (or whatever it's called now):
Sometimes democracy must fight with one hand tied behind its back. None the less, it has the upper hand. Preserving the rule of law and recognition of individual liberties constitutes an important component of its understanding of security. At the end of the day, this strengthens its spirit, and this strength allows it to overcome its difficulties.
We in the West play the anti-terrorist game with kid gloves... The enemy, the terrorist, has no rules. And yet here we are, we pussyfoot around, complaining that peoples' civil liberties are being infringed if they're held too long in custody or they're not treated properly. We are fighting, with one-and-a-half hands tied behind our back, an enemy that's totally, absolutely, viciously, murderously ruthless.
The first one, from Cherie Booth, Tony Blair's wife, addressing 1,000 lawyers, civil servants and diplomats in Malaysia. The second one, from a fellow Brit Peter Ryan, the former New South Wales Police Commissioner and chief of security for Sydney 2000 Olympics, and now Olympic security consultant.

Tory spokesman Patrick Mercer commented bitchily: "Cherie Blair or Cherie Booth, whichever name she's going under just at the moment, is entitled to her private opinions of course and to express those. But she is the Prime Minister's wife... this is a desperately insensitive time for her to be making those comments."

Must make for interesting dinner time conversations at 10 Downing Street.


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