Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Couldn't have said it better myself 

Salamah Nematt writing in "Al-Hayat":
The mother of Arab derisions is that those who relentlessly call upon America to intervene in order to solve Palestinian-Israeli conflict, are the ones who demand the withdrawal from Iraq. As if America is capable of solving the Iraqi problem after failing to solve the Palestinian predicament! It is rather as if America is supposed to act as an employee serving their interests while disregarding its own. The Arab brethren, who are shot of providing any help to the elected Palestinian government to allow it to restrain organizations and gangs resisting the legitimacy of the authority, are asking America to withdraw from Iraq, without worrying about the criminal gangs overriding the elected Iraqi leaderships and legal institutions.

This Arab defiance and excessive thrust to end the American presence in Iraq would have been understandable if we previously know just how the Arab brethren are planning to fill the ensuing security breach. Will they be sending Arab Islamic troops to replace the US and allies forces subsequent to their departure, as they did after they blessed the Syrian entry in Lebanon in 1976, under the pretext of regulating the situation? Or, are the Americans and Iraqis supposed to handle the reign to murderers and criminals of all kinds? Evidently, not many Iraqis would approve the arrival of Arab or Islamic troops to their territory. The Arab connivance with Saddam’s regime is well-known, as the involvement against democracy is even more known. Thus, it would be difficult for the Iraqis to be convinced that any Arab interference will serve their own interest. Perhaps the Syrian intervention in Lebanon is a sufficient example for what might arise from the intervention of brethren!

Indeed, despite the Americans’ mistakes and sins, Iraq does not claim an overwhelming public uprising against the Americans, similar to the anti-Syrian presence rally that we witnessed last March 14th at Martyr Square in Beirut. A vast Iraqi majority participated in the elections, which the Americans strived to secure, whereas the “resistance” against democracy is limited to terrorist groups, form the toppled regime remnants and their agents from the Arab “brethren”, more eager to liberate Iraq from the Iraqis then they are to liberate Palestine from the Israelis...

The game is now unveiled. It is only a matter of time before those responsible for this treacherous game are obliged to pay a high price. The Iraqis, who are currently obliged to restrain their performance, due to the American and foreign presence; might find themselves exempted from such a commitment, in case the allied forces are to withdraw from Iraq. Besides the terrorist groups’ loss of the political cover that is provided by the American presence, the US withdrawal indicates that Iraq will put up with the authentic Middle Eastern game, which is not related to respecting the countries’ sovereignty and noninterference in their internal affairs. It is known that subsequent to the Soviet Army’s withdrawal, the Arab Afghan “Mujahedeen” returned to their countries to practice their favorite hobbies, which they learnt at the training camps in Afghanistan. Thus, we witnessed in the past and up until now the terrorist explosions in the Arab world spreading from East to West, under the pretext of fighting the internal enemy, after the external one. Mistaken are those who deem that there is a delightful terrorism and another condemned one. Terrorism is of a single cult - it will return to consume it own spawns.
We're seeing more writing like that recently.


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