Sunday, July 31, 2005

Five down 

Writes John at Powerline: "I've always like the Sun newspaper, and not only for its Page 3 girls. I wish more of our papers had the Sun's clarity and spirit."

Well, I guess that's called the difference between the broadsheets and the tabloids. "New York Sun" probably comes pretty close to the British "Sun" in the "clarity and vision" stakes. It's not the first time that "The Sun" has publish photos of enemies of the West in their underwear.

As for the most recent underwear caches, an unkind person might say, no 72 virgins for you, although you might become one for a 6'7", 180 pounds Her Majesty's Prisons' inmate called Bubba.
"I'm scared. How do I know you won't shoot me?" one of two cornered men called out in response to two heavily armed antiterrorist officers who had just flooded their sixth-floor apartment with tear gas before shouting: "Give yourselves up."

London police had finally closed in on two of the four suspects they had hunted for eight days and nights since bombs carried by four terrorists failed to fully explode on the London transit system.

Exhausted from around-the-clock work sifting through clues, videos, electronic eavesdropping and tips, they feared a final, violent confrontation, perhaps with self-detonated explosions.

The tactic had been used before, by Muslim terrorists last year who had bombed trains in Madrid and killed nearly 200 people. A senior antiterrorist officer died attempting to make an arrest.

Instead, the men who had planned to kill scores of Londoners and presumably themselves, emerged meekly, coughing and sputtering onto the balcony of their West London hide-out.

Police, according to an account by one neighbor, assured the men they would not shoot if they emerged with their hands up and in their underwear.

"Why in my underwear?" the woman recalled the fugitive asking.

"We need to be sure you don't have any explosives on you," the police said.
Meanwhile, for the fifth man, captured in Rome, it has also been a long road from the threshold of martyrdom:
Osman Hussain, which Italian police say is really a pseudonym of Mahdi Ishaq, a 22 -year-old Ethiopian who has a British passport, is reportedly "singing like a bird."” This has already led to 15 raids in Italy with tens of people arrested or detained for questioning. Hussain's brother who has an Internet cafe called Phone Center Internet Point in Rome, has also been detained. Italian police are keen to find out whether a terrorist cell exists in Italy and are concerned of a possible strike against various targets.
But "The Sunday Times" is reporting that a possible third terror cell might be still at large.


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