Friday, July 22, 2005

Friday links 

For your reading pleasure at the end of the working week:

Michael Yon is there with the troops near Mosul when they discover a huge weapons cache (with some great photos).

Davids Medienktitik: German election is on and Schroeder is back to his old tactics.

Speaking of Germany, Alenda Lux notes another example of what happens when you treat the war on terror merely like a law enforcement operation.

Word Unheard: Commemorating the 230th Anniversary of the US Marine Corps this year, the 2005 Marine Corps Silver Dollar has been unveiled... and it sure looks awesome.

The Cool Blue Blog looks at the latest tally of deaths in Iraq.

Regime Change Iran brings to our attention what seems to be a low level but increasingly bloody civil war going on within the Iranian establishment.

Gateway Pundit: UN Tells Pirates "Release Ship or We Will Leave!"

Transatlantic Intelligencer looks at the French coverage of Iraq (hint: they're hoping for the worst).

The Bad Hair Blog writes about the dangerous shopping habits of Venezuela's leader.

Publius Pundit has the draft copy of the Iraqi Bill of Rights.

Australian blogger Spade A Spade needs one or two active bloggers to become fellow contributors.

Stop the ACLU looks at the Union in the midst of the war on terror.

The new Carnival of Liberty is up on Eric's Grumbles Before the Grave.


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