Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Jihad Down Under 

This gives a whole new meanings to the term "Islamofascist":
A radical Islamic convert with a long criminal history is running a halfway house for freed prisoners and the homeless.

Helmut Kirsch, 48, who runs Arden Lodge in North Melbourne, said that [Australian Security Intelligence Organisation] and police suspected he was a terrorist.

Kirsch, a former office-holder of the extreme Right-wing National Action, predicted Australia would soon pay a heavy price for its "overseas follies".

"They'll deserve every bit of it. Let's hope they get the right people," he said.

"I'm convinced change will be brought about in this state. I'd like to think it will be brought about by peaceful means."
It's quite easy, really, to traverse from one totalitarian religion to another. Many rank-and-file converts to Nazism were former members of the German communist party; after the war, the Soviet occupiers adopted large parts of the Nazi terror apparatus for their own needs throughout East Germany. I wonder if, as the war on terror goes on, we will see a phenomenon of conversions by radical leftists to radical Islam. I also wonder when we're going to see the first Muslim neo-cons - former radicals who saw the Western light. Or is the religious/cultural gap too big for that to happen?


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