Saturday, July 09, 2005

London 3 

Update 2: In Gleneagles, meanwhile, the terrorists have not won. After committing themselves to boost the aid to Africa to $50 billion annually by 2010, Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo thanked the G8 leaders for their "resolve not to be diverted by these terrorist acts." But terrorists could still win if we put too many restrictions on democracy, cautioned Vladimir Putin: "We would be giving a great gift to the terrorists themselves because they are aiming exactly for that... They want to use the instruments of democratic society to destroy democracy." All rather ironic coming from Putin, who's doing good enough himself.

Update 1: Since the left had its "We're sorry" and "Not in our name" sites, I guess it was only a matter of time before the reaction - "We're not afraid" (hat tip: Michelle Malkin). If you have some good photos and/or like Photoshop, why not contribute?

And so it goes, the expected "we've had it coming" chorus. If we didn't invade Iraq and Afghanistan, we wouldn't be terrorist targets now. But hang on, September 11, the biggest of them all, happened before Iraq and Afghanistan, remember? That was motivated by another set of grievances. We're talking here about people with very long memories; for them the Crusades or the Reconquitsa of Spain happened but yesterday. That time frame leaves an almost inexhaustible supply of pretexts to draw upon in the fight against the West. Ultimately, Iraq and Afghanistan (and Kashmir, Israel/Palestine, East Timor, the Balkans, and so on and so on) are only tactical grievances, dime a dozen to throw around to make sure as many people as possible are affected. But ultimately, the biggest grievance is us.

OK, let's not get involved in any foreign adventures; let's leave far-away people be. The jihadis' short term goal is the re-establishment of the Caliphate, but on a much grander scale than ever before, achieving a total unity of Muslim lands from the Atlantic coast of Africa to northern Australia. The price we pay is another Jewish Holocaust and the control over most of the world's oil supplies in the hands of complete nutbags. This is the price that so many in the West are obviously all too ready to pay.

The jihadis' long-term goal is of course the conversion of the whole world to their own very special brand of Islam. But you will not convince people who never believed that Nazism and communism were real threats that Islamofascism's global ambitions is something to be worried about. Ironically, it's the people with most to lose - intellectuals, artists - who seem to be the most oblivious to the threat. They fall head over heels for the tactical grievances, thinking that the American withdrawal from Iraq or the two-state solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict will "make the bed men stop." It won't, but we can't really afford to perform the experiment of giving in to all the jihadi demands just to find out wrong the left was.

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