Friday, July 29, 2005

Moby Dick 

Electronica songmaister Moby used to criticize Eminem for misogynistic lyrics (really?). Eminem, in turn, reciprocated with this well-reasoned and witty riposte in his hit "Without You":
And Moby, you can get stomped by Obie,
You 36 year old bald headed fag, blow me,
You don't know me,
You're too old let go
It's over, nobody listens to techno
But regardless, Eminem has finally won Moby's seal of approval - because of his anti-Bush, anti-war in Iraq stance. "I found myself respecting him for doing that," says Moby. And so the man who not so long ago was saying "any music that glorifies abuse, misogyny, homophobia or racism is disturbing, but especially so when it's targeted to a fanbase of 10-year-old boys" is now gushing:
"Honestly, if he retired, I think the world of music would be a poorer place. He's a really fascinating public figure... I'd much rather have public figure musicians like Eminem because at least he's exciting."
And what about being called a "bald headed fag" and parodied in a video?
"To have the most successful musician in the world dress up like you in a video and sing about you in a song - it was honestly some of the best publicity I've ever had."
George W Bush - you are a truly a miracle worker. Who else, after all, could end a feud between an egomaniacal white trash rapper and a sensitive New Age electronica maestro?

Moby, "Hotel" might just be my favorite new CD this year, but you're an idiot.


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