Sunday, July 31, 2005

More Sunday reading 

This time of a non-bloggy variety, with hat tips to numerous readers:

Jeff Jacoby: "Sure, there are good reasons not to exempt Poland from the existing visa regime. But there is an even better reason to consider doing so, at least on a trial basis -- a reason articulated best by George W. Bush. 'Listen,' the president told reporters in February, 'Poland has been a fantastic ally.' Indeed it has. And in statecraft as in private life, special friends deserve special consideration."

Greg Sheridan: "This has been an extraordinary 10 days in Australian foreign policy, perhaps a pivotal moment."

Fareed Zakaria: "This is battle, not an academic seminar. We in the West have to discredit, delegitimize and dismantle barbaric ideas."

Dr. Mohammed T. Al-Rasheed: "If you want to catch a fish, you do not go to the desert. And if you want to catch a terrorist you do not man tube stations. Once you are in the station trying to catch the perpetrator, you have already lost the game. The most effective way to combat vermin is to strike at their breeding grounds and not under your sink."

Andrew Klavan: "I’m no enemy of the sort of violent pop fiction with which, after all, I’ve made my living for many years. But I mention all this because I want to try to explain why I so dislike the recent film Sin City, and why I think it—and the genre of hyperviolent thrillers of which it is the latest embodiment—stands as an indictment of the Hannibal-like leftists and feminists who dominate our academies."

Rod Nordland: "Tens of thousands of Iraqis have died since 2003. But killings by U.S. troops are not nearly as common as the war’s critics would like us to believe."


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