Friday, July 15, 2005

The other ally 

I've written about the Polish and Australian contributions to the Willing often enough, but now it's time to acknowledge another staunch ally:
Danish support for the war in Iraq has risen after the London attacks despite greater fear of terrorism on Danish soil.

An opinion poll conducted by Gallup on behalf of Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende shows that 75 percent of those questioned find it very or extremely likely that Denmark will be a target for fundamentalist Muslim terrorists in the near future. Before the attack on London, 50 percent of Danes said it was very unlikely.

Despite the greater fear of attack, more than 70 percent of Danes support the current military engagement in Iraq. Denmark, a long-time ally of the United States, has troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan and was mentioned as a possible target by a group claiming links to al-Qaida and the bombings in London.
It's good to know that the Viking spirit is still alive in Scandinavia.

Speaking of Denmark, Aage Bjerre, the pizzeria owner who wouldn't serve French and German customers because of their countries' opposition to war in Iraq, is now serving an eight day prison sentence having refused to pay a fine for discrimination. Bjerre has already had to sell his business because of vandalism and drop in sales.

I say, give this man a Green Card and get him over to the US - he will be a smash hit in the red states with his "double topping, no anchovies, and no weasels" special.

Michelle Malkin has lot more.


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