Monday, July 18, 2005

Plame-free zone 

This blog is officially a Plame-free zone (just as it has been, largely, a Rathergate-free zone and, completely, Schiavo-free zone). There's plenty about the "scandal" out there on both sides of the blogosphere if you want to read about it (see, for example, Instapundit here and here), but personally I remain ever bored by a story of reporters calling Karl Rove to ask him whether he also heard the same rumors they had (he did) that a covert CIA agent (which she wasn't) recommended her attention-deprived husband for a mission (she did) the findings of which he later misrepresented.

If you need reminding, here's a brief run-down on all the other Bush Administration non-scandal scandals, courtesy of Reliapundit.


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