Thursday, July 21, 2005

Queer Eye for a Terrorist Guy 

A British LGBT civil rights group says its leaders have received death threats from Muslim fundamentalists and warns that gay clubs could be targets for terrorist bombers.

"Gay venues could be bombed by Islamic terrorists," OutRage said Monday. "All gay bars and clubs should introduce bag and body searches. Muslim fundamentalists have a violent hatred of lesbians and gay men. They believe we should be killed. Our community could be their next target. This is no time for complacency"...

OutRage said that three of the group's officers have received "repeated death threats from Islamic fundamentalists in recent weeks and months." Peter Tatchell, the leader of OutRage; Brett Lock its campaign coordinator; and Aaron Saeed, the organization's spokesperson on Muslim affairs, have been warned they will be murdered, Tatchell said Monday.

In a statement Tatchell said that they have been told they are on a "hit list" and are going to be "beheaded" and "chopped up", in accordance with "Islamic law".

The threats apparently began soon after OutRage stepped up its campaign in defense of LGBT Muslims, including gay Muslims fleeing attempted "honor killings" in Algeria, Iran[,] Palestine and in the UK.

Tatchell said that since early April, Islamic fundamentalists have made various attempts to track his movements - posing as journalists, police officers and representatives of the Muslim Council of Britain.
(hat tip: Little Green Footballs).

It's all happening, of course, because of Bush's and Blair's illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. That, and cultural insensitivity which produces understandable alienation and anger among the fanatics who are prevented by Britain's intolerant laws from performing honor killings of gay Muslims. We shouldn't keep asking "Why they hate us?" but rather "What have we done to make them hate us so?", and more importantly, "What can we do to make them stop?" After all, as we all know, grievances are always justified.

So if you are serious about wanting to stop terrorism you should lobby the government to allow the fundamentalists to restore honor by killing their gay apostates. Hell, if the government truly believes in multiculturalism, it should actually fund some brick walls which can be collapsed upon the sinners. While we're at it, why stop at gay Muslims? Surely the continuing existence of our own homosexuals is equally offensive and distressing to the fanatics, and so remains an obstacle to the peaceful and mutually respectful coexistence between Dar al Islam and Dar al Jihad. The gay occupation of SoHo needlessly continues to radicalize new generations of alienated young Pakistani and Bangladeshi men.

And let's not forget about the role of Israel in all this. The Sodomites should return the occupied territories to Palestinians.


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