Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Rubuilding the bridge 

The German center-right, which hasn't been all that helpful over the last few years either, wants to heal the trans-Atlantic rift, according to the draft program leaked to the Associated Press:
Germany's conservatives have been careful not to back the war - sending troops to Iraq would be deeply unpopular - but insist only a change of government can heal the rift with Washington.

"We will reinvigorate the trans-Atlantic cooperation with the United States," the draft said.

"European identity and European self-confidence don't require distance from the U.S., but rather a trusted partnership. They prove their worth in energetic engagement to solve international conflicts and fight international terrorism," it said.
Meanwhile, Schroeder's Social Democrats are on the nose, and so are the German Greens (hat tip: Tim Blair), so the Christian Democrats might actually get a chance to implement their program.

While I wouldn't claim that Iraq overall has a lot to do with it all, isn't it ironic to see all the major Willing (Bush, Blair, Howard) having been re-elected, while the most vocal opponents of war are going from one political humiliation to another?

Let's call it The Reverse Curse of "The Economist".


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