Saturday, July 16, 2005

Saturday reading 

Michael Yon continues his invaluable reporting from Iraq. Make sure you tip his jar.

Unite Against Terror is attempting to build a global movement of citizens against terrorism. You can sign your name, too.

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross proposes a new paradigm for anti-terror policing that will maximize our chances of breaking up terrorist attacks while avoiding an undue burden on society.

Bill Roggio and Marvin Hutchens present a Flash presentation of Al Qaeda's attacks since 1998.

Don Surber observes Al Jazeera dissing Al Qaeda.

The House of Wheels wonders why some think that the terrorists operate according to a points system.

Anubis discovers that while Google maps have obscured areas sensitive to national security in the USA, the UK, Israel (and even North Korea!) they seem to have totally overlooked the need to do the same for sites of huge strategic importance in Australia.

The New Editor notes that Paul Begala thinks the Republicans want to kill us all.

Booker Rising writes on the need to reclaim free market pan-Africanism.

California Conservative: who really represents the Hispanics' best interest in California?

And please welcome a new legal blog, Supreme Tort, which aims to put the lens on our federal judges and help educate non-lawyers about what has been going on in our judiciaries.


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