Sunday, July 03, 2005

Sunday reading 

Lorie at Polipundit has the Plame affair refresher.

Right Wing News scored an interview with everyone's favorite columnist, Mark Steyn.

Enough! looks at the photos and concludes the new Iranian president is not the US embassy hostage taker.

Transatlantic Intelligencer has a worrying analysis of ransom and terror trends in Iraq.

No Speedbumps blogs about permanent US bases in Iraq.

Alenda Lux has the latest on jihad Down Under.

Decision 08 presents "The Top Ten Liberal Reactions to the Retirement of Sandra Day O'Connor".

Security Watchtower interviews a US Army interrogator who worked in Afghanistan.

Quillnews ruminates about the big time game of 3-D oil chess that China is playing with Chevron to get Unocal’s oil assets.

Media Right goes on an anthropological expedition to search for Genus Libratas Americana.

Don Surber blogs about Robert C. Byrd Memorial For Martin Luther King Jr.

Geopolitical Review looks at the paradox of the southern border.


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