Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sunday reading 

Deja Vu: From "Black Hawk Down" to London.

Alenda Lux notes that the MSM refuses to call people terrorists even when they call themselves so.

Stop the ACLU has a few petitions for you to consider.

The Astute Blogger has a poll on what the new acronym for the war on terror should be - GloWORM is my favorite.

The Bad Hair Blog notes some good news stories from Iraq that even I haven't covered.

Barcepundit writes about Spain's own leak scandal - this one connected with the Madrid attacks.

Regime Change Iran notes that one of Iran's greatest dissidents is dying in jail.

Michael Yon in Mosul: "I keep running across American troops who are not Americans. Many of these soldiers and Marines are working towards attaining U.S. citizenship while in uniform, under fire, in Iraq."

All Things Conservative notes that Pakistan's ISI is playing both sides.

Ranting Right Wing Howler blogs about aid to Africa.

Combs Sprouts Off brings to your attention a real American hero.


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