Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Thank you from Baghdad - and Brisbane 

With the Independence Day weekend just behind us, do yourself a favor and read this post by Ali of Free Iraqi - "What independence means for me":
And allow me, one very grateful Iraqi on this day, the 4th of July to congratulate all Americans on their independence day that I truly celebrate with them. It's not just out of gratitude but also because I believe it's more than an Independence Day for America, for by being free and independent, the American people gave so many other nations their independence, and thus I see it as an independence day for all the free around the world. Happy 4th of July America and thank you for all your help and sacrifices, not just for us Iraqis but all free people that you helped them get their freedom, and thank you for being the symbol of freedom that gives hope to all oppressed people around the world.
It might not be a popular thing to do around the world right now, but Ali is right; the 4th of July should be an occasion for all of us to remember the struggles for freedom and independence, and the role the United States has played in protecting and spreading these two values throughout the twentieth century, and as it indeed continues to do at the start of the new millennium.

As a Pole, let me join Ali in thanking the American people past and present for your friendship, from Woodrow Wilson's support for the resurrected independent Poland, to your struggle to vanquish the Evil Empire and restore freedom and sovereignty to the states of Central Europe, and all the way to today's alliance.

And as an Australian, thank you for your fight alongside our Diggers to stop the Japanese imperialism those sixty years ago, and for your friendship ever since.


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