Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Tuesday reading 

Some interesting London-related links:

Whatever you do, don't miss this report from Dr Judith Klinghoffer about under-reported efforts of Muslim moderates to put their house in order.

Crossroads Arabia reports that Saudi Arabia will be prosecuting on terrorism charges clerics who through their fatwas advocate or justify terrorist actions.

Secular Blasphemy writes that the bass player of the rock supergroup Audioslave thinks Bush was behind the London bombing. Go back to your bass, you moron.

Regime Change Iran looks at the possible Iranian connection.

And others:

Tim Sumner updates on "the battle for the Ground Zero."

The second Carnival of Liberty is up.

Right Wing News debunks eight anti-war myths.

Stop the ACLU interviews a former ACLU lawyer.

Decision 08 looks at the deep political thoughts of the author of "Vagina Monologues."

Transatlantic Intelligencer observes how the French education system examines its students about September 11.


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