Thursday, July 21, 2005

What would the whales think? 

How low can Greenpeace go? Pretty low, as this short clip of Tony Blair engaging in a sexual act with George Bush demonstrates (hat tip: Drudge).

It's actually worse than that - but to save you graphic descriptions I won't publish it in this post (if you're curious and not easily offended, it's here).

Apparently, it's all about trying to convince Blair not to support Bush's anti-Kyoto, pro-oil policies. And it's not a real TV ad - no TV network would ever dream of running it - but a "viral video", or a short movie clip designed to spread via email and internet instead of the mainstream media channels. Still...

Initially, I couldn't believe that this was for real - surely, I thought, even Greenpeace wouldn't put their name under something this crude; somebody must have just made a fake ad and used the organization's name in vain to make the joke more credible - but apparently not: Greenpeace did collaborate with British producer Nick Hirschkorn on what is really an all-star international project:
The film was produced by FEEL FILMS and directed by industry legend Annabel Jankel, harking back to the anarchic humour of her earlier work such as Max Headroom and pop videos for Talking Heads. FEEL's managing director Nick Hirschkorn produced, and action legend Jonathan P.B. Taylor was director of photography whose credits include Spiderman 2 and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The film was shot on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles across the street from where Hugh Grant made the infamous blunder of picking up Divine Brown... The 'Blair' puppet was made by movie effects maestro Richard Van Den Bergh and his team, whose credits include 'Aliens vs Predator' and 'Five Children and It.'


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