Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Don't mention the war (in Afghanistan) 

According to Muhammad al-Masaari, a Saudi and a former resident of Italy, now living in - you guessed it - London, who runs extremist media sympathetic to Al Qaeda, has told the Italian news agency that withdrawing from Iraq won't make Italy safe from terrorism unless accompanied by a withdrawal from Afghanistan and other overseas military commitments.

We've heard often enough that the war in Iraq made us a target and increased the risk of terrorist attacks. We almost never hear - certainly not from the same people - that the war in Afghanistan made us a target and increased the risk of terrorist attacks. Self-serving critics are yet to explain how the liberation of Iraq has exposed us to any greater wrath of Al Qaeda that destroying Al Qaeda's very base of operations.

Italy has troops both in Iraq and Afghanistan; France only in Afghanistan, but the sucker still can't get an even break:
Militant Pakistani groups had recently become increasingly critical of France, the report said, citing statements in March by the Jaish-e-Muhammad (Army of Muhammad) - a banned al-Qaida-linked militant group in Kashmir - that branded France "hostile to Islam".
Politically and diplomatically, France is the most Arab-friendly country in Europe, but it apparently all counts for nothing if you decide to do some peacekeeping in Afghanistan and ban headscarves in schools.


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