Sunday, August 14, 2005

A good day 

Apologies for slow blogging today, but it has been a good day today and full of preselections (Australian versions of political primaries, which are only open to party members - or, more precisely, delegates drawn from among party members - as opposed to everyone of a certain registered political affiliation like in the US). A friend got re-endorsed to contest the next election as a Senator for Queensland, and is guaranteed re-election. Another good friend was endorsed at number three position on the Liberal Party Senate ticket, and has a very good chance of also being elected the next time. And a third friend and former co-worker was preselected as a Liberal candidate in a by-election for one of the safe Liberal wards in Brisbane City Council (one of the largest municipalities in the world).

Sadly, ever since a fortune teller told my mother a long, long time ago, that I would grow up to be a leader of a country, I haven't been able to convince her that I'm not particularly attracted to career in politics; a sentiment subsequently strengthened by a decade of observation from behind the scenes and from inside assorted backrooms.


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