Tuesday, August 02, 2005

One to watch 

Mark Steyn versus Australia's Media Watch - definitely one to watch.

A few days ago, Mark wrote this piece about multiculturalism for "The Australian".

Media Watch didn't like it - they think that Mark used a bogus story to illustrate his point.

Mark responds - "Incidentally, I was heartened to receive an e-mail from the excitable chaps at ABC's Media Watch in Australia promising to investigate my 'account' on their next show. I hope it will be as good as their recent claim, as part of their bizarre hatchet job on Arthur Chrenkoff, that opinionjournal.com is not part of the official Wall Street Journal website. I was interested to read that if only because every piece I've had published in the print edition of the Journal has subsequently been posted on opinionjournal.com...

"I'm a bit shocked to discover they're apparently stealing my material."

Mark, having been there and done that, I feel your very minor irritation and discomfort.


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