Monday, August 01, 2005

Question continued 

The question I asked yesterday was largely rhetorical. I'm neither surprised nor confounded by the fact that (for many different reasons) there are no Iraqis among the London terrorists.

This, again, merely underscores the fact that the Iraqi "insurgency" is supported at the moment by about 10 per cent of Iraqi population - or essentially half of Iraq's Sunni population. This is not to say that the Kurds and the Shia don't want the Coalition to leave eventually (as indeed does the Coalition), but they're not blowing themselves up all over Iraq and overseas, knowing full well that the best way to ensure that the United States and its allies leave is to achieve a stable and viable statehood.

Thus, the violent opposition against the "occupation" (and, let's be honest about it, also against the democratically elected Iraqi government and its organs and agencies) seems to be supported by only a fraction of Iraqi population, but by the majority, or at least very large section, of non-Iraqi Muslim population elsewhere throughout the world. That is, the people most radicalized by the "occupation" aren't the ones actually being "occupied".

Ain't that nice?


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