Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Volcano erupts in southern Iraq 

A previously unknown group has threatened employees of two state-run news organisation if they report on Japanese and other coalition forces in the Samawah area, staffers said yesterday.

The threat from the Volcano Eruption Organisation was distributed on Thursday in the southern city of Samawah, 370km southeast of Baghdad. The warning was contained in pamphlets found near the offices of the As-Samawah newspaper and Muthanna Television, both run by the government's Iraqi Media Network, employees said...

The statement, which included a picture of four masked gunmen, was entitled "a warning to all employees of Muthanna Television and As-Samawah newspaper not to publish reports about occupation forces that praises their forged projects."
Seeing how little positive news is published in the West about the successes in reconstruction work throughout Iraq, one would have thought that the Volcano Eruption Organisation has actually managed to successfully intimidate all of our mainstream media, who - come to think of it - if they do report, tend to report mostly about "forged" reconstruction projects.

Samawah also happens to be the home of the Australian contingent, which provides security for the Japanese "occupying" army engineers, who are constructing "forged" project throughout Al Muthanna province. Samawah has also seen some Sadr-generated riots over the last few days, as Baby Ayatollah with bad teeth tries to stir up public resentment about local services.


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