Thursday, September 01, 2005

A bit more loved today 

Katrina – the world responds, sort of. Mostly with words, which are always nice, but not much action.

The rest is indifference, combined with the “America had it coming” attitude and debates whether rich country like America really needs foreign help – a sentiment I alluded to yesterday.

I found this snippet particularly interesting:
Throughout Europe, concerned citizens lamented the loss of life and the damage caused to New Orleans, often described as one of North America's most "European" cities.
God help us if Atlanta or Dallas were hit by a disaster. But if New Orleans’ Europeaness is somehow an advantage, it’s still to translate into much practical help from people in the Old World.

The State Department says that some 10 to 12 countries (plus the United Nations, if that counts) have offered actual assistance. Canada is one of them. Australia is also "looking at ways of providing assistance".

Chuck Simmins meanwhile is keeping tabs on Americans helping Americans.

Lists of good links to help:

Little Green Footballs

Michelle Malkin

Instapundit – a huge one


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