Thursday, September 08, 2005

Conversion on the road to Huston 

In the last week, Joseph Brant lost his apartment, walked by scores of dead in the streets, traversed pools of toxic water and endured an arduous journey to escape the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in his hometown New Orleans.

On Sunday, he was praising the Lord, saying the ordeal was a test that ended up dispelling his lifelong distrust of white people and setting his life on a new course. He said he hitched a ride on Friday in a van driven by a group of white folks.

"Before this whole thing I had a complex about white people; this thing changed me forever," said Brant, 36, a truck driver who, like many of the refugees receiving public assistance in Houston, Texas, is black.
As Tim Blair writes, “Racist America Donates” – and in an unprecedented way. Of course, of millions affected by Katrina, blacks are a minority, but they constitute the most visible victims in New Orleans. Once again American people are proving the American elites wrong.


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