Saturday, July 02, 2005

My heart bleeds, part 505 

No, it's not the poor Saddam this time, Hajji Bashir Noorzai who's currently languishing in the high security section of the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan. Noorzai is an Afghan warlord accused of conspiracy in the late 1990s to sell $50 million's worth of heroin in the United States in order to buy weapons for the Taliban.

Noorzai's lawyer, Stephen M. Goldenberg, is now complaining about the conditions at the Metro Manhattan gulag. He wants his client out of a 23 hours-a-day lockdown "so he can properly pray with other Muslim prisoners... Isolated in a damp cell since his capture in April, Bashir Noorzai has trouble determining the direction of Mecca during his daily prayers." Says Goldenberg: "He's disoriented. He doesn't know where east is."

That's apparently not all; Noorzai is also not getting enough to eat and he has lost 30 pounds so far on the prison diet. Because Metro doesn't prepare halal food, Noorzai is being fed - horror of horrors - kosher, instead.

There is only one solution to this travesty and mistreatment.

Send Noorzai to Guantanamo.

It might be humid, but is not damp; each cell has an arrow pointing in the direction of Mecca to assist in prayer orientation; and all the detainees actually gain weight - 13 pounds on average, to be exact (here's the Gitmo menu (in PDF), hat tip: Roger Simon).


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