Thursday, July 22, 2004

Hard as jellyfish 

From the medical file:

"A rare type of irukandji jellyfish could be a natural aphrodisiac for men. Researchers have found that aside from the dangerous and unpleasant effects of a sting, an elusive species of the jellyfish can cause a prolonged erection."
I'm sure everyone can see the irony of something so squishy, flaccid and... well, jelly-like, being used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Queensland's very own James Cook University PhD student Lisa-ann Gershwin told the media that "men who had been stung had experienced prolonged erections, of how long she was unsure, as a symptom of irukandji syndrome." Or at least that was the excuse ("Honey, I wasn't looking at that blond in a string bikini; I got stung by a jellyfish"). And
Sandy Berger must be glad that he only stuffed classified documents, and not an irukandji jellyfish, down his pants.


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