Thursday, August 26, 2004

We suck in bed 

No pun intended, but that's the results of a latest poll:
"Democrats are better lovers than Republicans, the latest opinion poll has found. The poll, of 900 US singles, found by a two-to-one margin that Democrats are better in bed."
All those years of practicing "make love, not war" are obviously now paying dividends for the Democrats. That, and decades of experience at screwing the taxpayers. Still, I'd rather support the Party of Fighters rather than the Party of Lovers, because in the time of danger I don't want to be surrounded by people whose natural instinct might be to simply bend over.*

The poll also found that "[f]orty-nine per cent of respondents... said President George W. Bush is the best-looking candidate, but 53 per cent of women imagined challenger John Kerry to be the better kisser."

It's truly something that's better left to the imagination. Unless you're a rich widow.

* I apologise to all my Democrat friends who are, as
Ed Koch would say "liberals with sanity" - when I say all these nasty things I mean the "other" Democrats.


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