Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Political slogans galore 

My reader Dan was very excited by the news that Saddam is considering a political comeback in democratic Iraq. So much so that Dan has offered some slogans for the Hussein'05 campaign:

"Saddam: Because Everyone Makes Mistakes"

"Saddam and Gommorrah: Together Again"

"Saddam: Are You Really Better Off Now Than When I Was Gassing You?"

"Now 100% Uday Free!"
A few more spring to mind:

"Forty more years!"

"Saddam - Your Republican (Guard) Candidate"

"It's Baath time again!"
But why stop in Iraq? At a recent town hall meeting in New Hampshire John Kerry evaluated on his "global test": "The test I was talking about is a test of legitimacy — not just in the globe, but elsewhere." Thus creating an impression that it is not just international, but intergalactic in scope. Here's a few ideas for TV ads in swing states:

"Bush's allies are from Mars, Kerry's allies are from Venus"

"We'll appease the Alfa Centaurians, too!"

"Getting the green light from the little green men"

"John Kerry: proudly representing Extraterrestial-Americans"
More suggestions welcome.


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