Monday, March 21, 2005

"Bush, Bush, where is Bush?" 

As I wrote yesterday, on the occasion of the second anniversary of the start of the liberation of Iraq, "I can't find any mention of Iraqis protesting their liberation, and neither can I find any stories about anti-war and anti-occupation rallies anywhere else throughout the Middle East (with exception of several hundred people protesting in Turkey). Perhaps they're all too busy rallying for democracy and against their own governments."

Indeed. In Iran, a few days ago people were celebrating the New Year's Festival of Fire, an old Persian tradition which the Mullahs have tried their best to suppress. Not surprisingly the celebrations across Iran have become a focus of anti-government anger. My favorite paragraph from this extensive report:
"In another area of [Teheran] people took to setting the French flag on fire while chanting: 'Europe is finished and so are their Mullahs.' OR 'Bush, Bush, where is Bush?' (In Persian this rhymes: Bush, Bush, kush, kush!)."
(hat tip: Judith Klinghoffer) While you're at it, check out the week in review at Regime Change Iran blog.


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