Monday, March 21, 2005

Everyone wants a slice of evil 

Perhaps a case of guilty consciences, but more and more people around the world are volunteering their countries for the inclusion in the next round of the Axis of Evil auditions (from the creators of "American Idol", coming next month to Fox).

Yesterday, we had Laurence Wong, a teacher living in London, who made the following announcement at the Hyde Park anti-war rally: "I want to stop the war, I am from China and we are probably next on (Bush's) list after Syria and Iran."

Today, we have this:

"Thousands of Gujaratis every year seek to migrate to the US but on Sunday their chief minister Narendra Modi virtually declared war on that country saying Uncle Sam was rattled because he 'dared to pass a Bill to prevent religious conversions'.

"Hinting that like Iraq, Gujarat could become a target of the US government, he said the US had a record of building 'a case' against a country for some years and then attacking it."
Before all the inevitable questions like "what the f***?" and "What is Gujarat?", let me explain that it's a state in India. Little did we - the masses of ordinary citizens, ignorant of neocon machinations - know that the road to Gandhinagar leads through Baghdad.


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