Thursday, June 23, 2005

Thursday reading 

There simply isn't enough time in a day to visit even a fraction of all the good blogs - so, if you have something good to share with readers, don't be shy and let me know in the future.

Meanwhile, plenty of good stuff today:

Dean Esmay analyses Iraqi combat casualties.

Plenty of goodies at Winds of Change, including the latest Winds of War round-up of news you might have missed from all fronts of the war on terror.

At Right Wing News, bloggers' list of people who are screwing America: "Which Republican Senator finished inbetween Noam Chomsky & Robert Byrd? Ouch!"

In a follow-up to my post about the disgraceful behavior by the Westboro Baptist Church, Ninme (here and here) and the Stupid Shall be Punished have a report and photos from a similar recent incident.

Engage: "George Galloway has announced that his Respect party intends to target the Liverpool Riverside parliamentary constituency that is currently held by Louise Ellman, who he says is 'Israel's MP on Merseyside'."

Siberian Light is hosting the latest Carnival of the Revolutions.

Chester thinks it's time for a presidential pep talk to rally the American people.

Donald Sensing blogs about anonymous blogging.

Quillnews has a very interesting post on the recent American-Vietnamese rapprochement. But the Blue State Conservatives argues in a rush to kiss and make up we shouldn't forget about the issue of religious freedom.

Crossroads Arabia has a short Q&A with Thomas Lippman, author of "Inside the Mirage" - "currently the best book in print on Saudi Arabia."

The Durbin apology -– the video on the Political Teen. Blackfive is not impressed.

From Germany, Kosmoblog writes about the parallel universe inhabited by the European political class.

And speaking of things German, Davids Medienkritik is promoting a rally in Washington on June 27 to let Chancellor Schroeder know the feelings about anti-Americanism being fostered by the German political class.

Transatlantic Intelligencer updates on the recently released French hostage - the plot indeed thickens.

PunditGuy: "I can't help it. Nowadays, when I read press statements, or when a source (credited or not) puts news out, a little movie runs in my head about how the decision was made to release the information."

Regime Change Iran has an open letter to Western media in Iran.

And Media Slander maintains the rage on Foleygate.


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